DataTrader is a revolutionary solution for fully anonymous data trading

Data is the new oil

Clive Humby
Data is the new oil

Why is the DataTrader platform special?

P2P data broker

Structured data is exchanged peer-to-peer between the sender and receiver, i.e. DataTrader works as a distributed data broker.

Data trading

Metadata for structured data is provided by DataTrader’s server that connects buyers with sellers.

Client-side encryption

Client-side encryption and pseudonymization ensure that sensitive data remains hidden and cannot fall into unauthorized hands.


Peer-to-Peer data transferEncrypted, safe, efficient

Login to the application

Select the data source to buy from

Input the number of data records

Click on the Buy button

The raw, anonymous data arrives

Decrypt the data using the secret key

Use the pseudonymized data and correlations

Aggregating the data from different sourcesThe moment of release

Individual data sources are indicated by colors

Each small colored circle represents a data row or record

The data is aggregated based on a code without revealing the identity of the person who remains secret

Grouped data can be effectively used to draw conclusions

We can also track the movements of an anonymous person from the encrypted data provided by the hotels

Our innovative solutionHow does the DataTrader Platform work?

Process start

The party wishing to sell the data uploads the metadata to the server, then starts seeding the data and waits for incoming P2P requests.

Data request

The party wishing to buy the data downloads the metadata, selects the appropriate data package, and initiates a P2P request to the seller.

Data transmission

The seller builds a secure channel with the buyer and starts transferring the data in a completely distributed, P2P manner, now without the intervention of the metadata server.

Data processing

The customer receives pseudonymized data that nobody else can access or interpret.

Correlations set up

The customer establishes valuable correlations from the pseudonymized data, which only they have the opportunity to do (in possession of the appropriate keys).

What is pseudonymization?

Aliasing of personal data, which thus complies with GDPR and other (written and unwritten) regulations and rules.

This is more than traditional anonymization, because correlations, connections, aggregated results and statistics can be calculated in this way without revealing secret information, while anonymity and data security are fully guaranteed by the software.

Simply put, we will know that data about a given person from different sources belongs to the same person without actually revealing the person’s identity. Instead of the name, we only get a code, which is an effectively and securely encrypted (pseudonymized) form of the sensitive data (in this case, the proper name).

With the help of pseudonymization, the data records belonging to one entity can be connected and valuable correlations can be established in such a way that the protected, sensitive data remains hidden throughout. Pseudonymized data can only be interpreted in possession of the appropriate key, which is different for each process.